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Headline Should Be: An Open Bitcoin Architecture (Score: 2, Interesting) by Anonymous Coward. It is like saying a bong is going to be used for tobacco. It may be true for some but we all know how it will _really_ be used. Re: (Score: 1) by Anonymous Coward. 1. mine bitcoins on you parallella 2. convert bitcoins to USD 3. travel back in time with USD-1. use USD to fund the kickstater for bitcoin mining! Report comment. Reply. pam says: October 4, 2012 at 9:30 pm Sadly the ga144, with it’s 18 bit datawidth and it’s 180nm process would perform badly for bitcoin mining. The GA144-1.20 Chips. The GA144-1.20 chip, with 144 self-contained computers and software-defined I/O, is available in a 1cm x 1cm, 88-pin QFN package. Export is controlled per US EAR ECCN 3A991A.3. Protected by patents. G144A12 Chip. GA144 Documentation . The GA144 Chip (preliminary data) F18A Technology from which the GA144 is built GreenArrays Architecture common to all of our chips Video [URL=]bitcoin gratis setiap 5 menit [/URL] hostility [URL=]forgot my bitcoin wallet p**phrase not in dictionary [/URL] guiltily talentless suffragist ashore [URL=]ga144 bitcoin price [/URL] verities proclamations bombard [URL=]bitcoin mining asic rig [/URL] cutest [URL=]bitcoin news widget for wordpress [/URL] ambitiously We developed Chlorophyll, a synthesis-aided programming model and compiler for the GreenArrays GA144, an extremely minimalist low-power spatial architecture that requires partitioning the program into fragments of no more than 256 instructions and 64 words of data. This processor is 100-times more energy efficient than its competitors, but currently can only be programmed using a low-level GA144 has 144 cores - but they are 18-bit wide, and the instruction set is rather unorthodox, even multiplication usually has to be programmed. Code density is pretty high, it's a Forth chip after all - but I suspect it is hard to achieve a good uniform load across the whole device... which might also be the case with Parallela. So we have to consider each claim differently. In general, though Приветствуем, Вадим Егоров! Ваш вопрос «Как сделать биткоин майнер на основе ga144?» был удалён модераторами сайта по следующей причине: Слишком общий вопрос Поэтому разъясняю: Какой майнер нужен? GreenArrays Technology, GA144 – 144 full-fledged processors on a single chip. People. Z. Giants of Computing. Dennis Ritchie (d. Oct 12, 2011, aged 70), Father of the C Language. In Memoriam by Bryant & O’Halloran; Charles (Chuck) Moore (b.1938), Father of Forth, and Stack-based Computing. Wikipedia. 22 patents (Moore Microprocessor Patent

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How To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe! [Best Bitcoin Wallet ...

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